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Newspapers: Sudden U.S. exit stirs Syria chaos

President Trump’s decision to withdraw U.S. troops from northern Syria, where they had long kept an uneasy peace among competing forces, left the region in upheaval Sunday and the administration scrambling to respond to fast-moving events.

World newspapers: Policy zigzags by Trump put mideast in fog

His inconsistent and rapidly shifting positions in the Middle East have injected a new element of chaos into an already volatile region and have left allies guessing where the United States stands and for how long. 207/216

World Newspapers: Envoy says Trump behind ouster

Ousted ambassador Marie Yovanovitch tells Congress Trump pressured State Dept. to remove her. 101/205

World Newspaper: 2 who helped Guiliani go after Trump rivals are arrested by F.B.I

Federal prosecutors unsealed charges Thursday against two men who have aided President Donald Trump’s efforts to gather damaging information in Ukraine about his political opponents, a criminal case that signaled growing legal exposure for the president’s allies. 205/219