Iran (IP) - In a time when the southern Caucasus is suffering from political riots originating from foreign interventions, Iran has declared its readiness to ensure the security of the strategic region.

Iran PressCommentary: Supporting the peace negotiations between the Republic of Azerbaijan and Armenia, Iran's President Ebrahim Raisi stressed the readiness of Iran to ensure the security of the Caucasus region, of course taking into account Iran's red lines. 

Raisه made the comments in line with his meeting with Mehr Grigorian, the Deputy Prime Minister of Armenia and the head of the joint commission for Iran-Armenia economic cooperation.

Raisi said: "Tehran is not in favor of the presence of foreigners in the Caucasus region under the pretext of solving [the region's] problems and believes that the presence of foreigners will not solve the problem, but rather will worsen the problem for the region's nations and states."

Raisi stressed the preservation of the region's security and stability and his emphasis came as the threats of the Azeri side in the Caucasus region are getting intense every day under different excuses.


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Nazli Baghdasarian the Armenian Prime Minister's Spokesman, said in response to the official expressions made by Ilham Aliyev's government: The Republic of Azerbaijan continues the strategy of deepening enmity in the region, which is a constant threat of instability. 

She rejected Baku's claims about the dependence of Armenia on foreigners and stressed that no country was allowed to intervene in the internal affairs of her country. 

The recent threats of Ilham Aliyev's government, which are spreading thanks to some foreign governments' support, all indicate that the Baku authorities do not seek to sign the final Karabakh peace agreement, but are making enhanced attempts to be involved in the foreigners' adventurism to bring the Caucasus region to chaos.

These abnormal conditions can spread tension and military conflicts across the Caucasus region, and only the independent nations and governments of the region, like Russia and Iran, will suffer from the chaos.

Amidst such a condition, the Islamic Republic of Iran has declared its readiness to prevent war and tension in the southern Caucasus region and stressed that it would not let the region's geopolitics change.


It seems that in contrast to its friendship with Iran and trying to get Tehran's support, Ilham Aliyev's government is trying to put the third Karabakh war on its agenda to implement the plans of some foreign governments. 

The goal of the foreign governments is to block the border between Iran and Armenia and if the foreigners succeed, Armenia will lose its independence and will gradually be destroyed, on the one hand. On the other hand, Iran will lose a strategic route to Russia and Europe. 

Nonetheless, the purpose of implementing the West-made colonialist plan is to put more pressure on Iran in the region.

In sum, there is no doubt that Iran's security guarantees to the countries of the Caucasus region can be considered one of the important ways of maintaining peace in the region. 

Iran has always emphasized the independence and territorial integrity of the South Caucasus region's republics while maintaining mutual friendship with the conflicting parties. 219

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