Tehran (IP)- The Secretary of the Supreme Council for Cultural Revolution of the Islamic Republic of Iran has urged university presidents and academic elites worldwide to address the humanitarian crisis in Gaza and denounce the actions of the Zionist regime.

Iran PressIran news: Abdolhosein Khosropanah, in a message to universities across the Islamic world, emphasized the critical importance of upholding human rights and dignity, particularly in light of the ongoing crisis in Palestine.

The message states that the responsibility of all individuals who value freedom, organizations, international bodies, and academic leaders has always been to safeguard Human Rights and Human Dignity. This principle is also enshrined in the International Bill of Human Rights by the UN. However, the sacred land of Palestine has tragically become synonymous with genocide and widespread human rights violations on a global scale. This significance is further underscored in the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights. Yet, today, Palestine stands as a stark reminder of genocide and human rights abuses worldwide.

The message continues that for over half a century, the Palestinian people have endured aggression and oppression at the hands of superpowers, notably global Zionism, depriving them of their legitimate right to self-defense against aggressors. As darkness and deprivation grip Gaza, with dwindling essential resources, it is heartening to witness the solidarity and activism of students, professors, and intellectuals standing up for the oppressed in Gaza.

The global outcry against oppression in universities like Harvard, Indiana, Columbia, Yale, and others reflects a growing awareness and moral conscience that cannot turn a blind eye to the suffering of a persecuted minority facing overwhelming odds. The dawn of victory is undoubtedly on the horizon. Therefore, Academic leaders and university presidents must fulfill their moral and academic obligations by condemning the war crimes and atrocities inflicted upon civilians in Gaza.

The message noted that the global outcry advocates for peace and the restoration of the rights of oppressed Palestinians.- They leverage all diplomatic channels to challenge the Zionist regime, amplify the message of the victorious "Al-Aqsa Storm," expose the oppression of Gaza civilians to the global community, and discredit the Zionist Regime and its supporters through scholarly and media platforms in international forums.

Furthermore, all ties between scientific and academic institutions and the Zionist regime must be severed.- A global coalition is established to secure the rights of oppressed Palestinians, rebuild Gaza, and facilitate the transfer of knowledge and technology to revive the natural life in the devastated regions of Gaza. The actions of academic elites and university presidents will be scrutinized by public opinion and history. To further these efforts and enhance coordination, it is recommended to establish an assembly of elites dedicated to promoting peace and democracy in Palestine.