Bosnia and Herzegovina (IP) - The Bosnian translation of Sheikh Saadi Shirazi's Boostan and Golestan along with the precious manuscripts of the famous Iranian poet's works were exhibited in Sarajevo, Bosnia, and Herzegovina.

Iran Press/Europe:  Delivering a speech at the unveiling ceremony of the two Persian literature treasuries' translation, the Iranian Ambassador to Sarajevo Abuzar Ebrahimi Torkaman said that Saadi's Golestan is considered the most influential work in Iranian literature. 

Torkaman said that Saadi Shirazi focuses more on connections, and when he talks about love, he refers to the very kind of love that is experienced by all human beings. 

He also pointed to the Bosnian people's interest in Persian books and Iranian poets and expressed hope that the cultural-scientific relations between the two countries go on developing. 

Also, about 34 manuscripts of Saadi Shirazi's works, including the third oldest dated version of Golestan, have been displayed in the Gazi Husrev-bey Library in Sarajevo.

Sheikh Saadi Shirazi was a Persian poet and prose writer of the medieval period. He is recognized for the quality of his writings and for the depth of his social and moral thoughts.

Saadi is widely recognized as one of the greatest poets of the classical literary tradition, earning him the nickname "The Master of Speech" or "The Wordsmith".


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