Commentary (IP) - The American Meta company announced on Thursday night that it blocked the pages of the Leader of the Islamic Revolution in Instagram and Facebook.

Iran PressCommentary: Meta Platforms, until before 2021 Facebook, claimed on Thursday that it blocked Ayatollah Khamenei's pages due to the violation of the company's policy about dangerous individuals and organizations. 

The blockage came as the comments by the Leader of the Islamic Revolution in support for the Palestinian resistance and the region's nations' pressure on their states to boycott the Israeli regime went viral in the social networks and received positive feedback among the people of the region. 

Western Meta's blocking of the accounts of the Leader with millions of followers in many parts of the world shows the West's obvious hostility to freedom of expression. 

The accounts are closed as in recent years different figures, officials, and even usual individuals used any alibi to publish their desecration of the Holy Quran and the holy Prophet of Islam Muhammad (PBUH) in the social networks with the full support of the platform owner companies. 

Supporting the desecrators of Islam, a religion with about two billion followers, under the pretext of freedom of expression in the West is another example of the double standard policy of the West in supporting freedom of expression and human rights.

Although freedom of expression is one of the pivots the Western powers focus on representing themselves as legitimate, what has been experienced shows that the concept is important only as long as it can serve their political interests? 

Opposite to this view is Islam's view which stresses the freedom of human beings and sees no distinction between them in terms of race, religion, and color.  

It was predictable that the arrogant pawers would resort to any trick to harm the will of the Palestinian nation and their supporters after the consecutive failures of the Israeli regime and the US in the recent confrontation with the Palestinian resistance front.   

The West's cut-off of the aid to UNRWA and millions of displaced Palestinians recently and now the blockage of the social network accounts of the Iranian Leader who has been the greatest supporter of the Palestinian nation's rights in recent decades are considered to serve the very goal. 

In fact, Meta's blocking of the Leader's accounts can not only be seen as a clear example of the double standards of the West regarding freedom of expression but it should also be considered an action to encourage the Israeli regime to continue its crime in Gaza; an unprecedented crime that has so far led to the massacre of 28,000 Palestinians and the destruction of 80% of Gaza's houses and infrastructure.

Nevertheless, the 45-year experience of the Islamic Revolution has shown that the Islamic Republic of Iran and its officials, particularly Imam Khomeini and Ayatollah Khamenei, in their way to support the oppressed nations such as Palestine, never give up to the arrogant powers' threats and pressures.

Meta's politicized act to silence the voices of support for the Palestinian nation would just lead to more vigilance and awareness of the world's general public against the Israeli genocide in Palestine. 


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