As the Israeli war on Gaza enters its 172nd day, since October 7, the Palestinian Ministry of Health announced that the number of people martyred during the war reached 32,414.

Iran Press/ West Asia: The UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres described what is going on in the Gaza Strip as a moral scandal for the Israeli regime. 

The Spokesman of the Palestinian Ministry of Health Ashraf al-Qudra announced on Tuesday that during the last 24 hours, the Israeli regime committed 8 crimes in the Gaza Strip which led to the martyrdom of 81 people and the injury of 93 others. 

He also reported that the number of people injured since October 7 reached 74,787. 

With 14 out of 15 member states of the UN Security Council voting in favor of the immediate ceasefire in the war on Gaza, the resolution was finally approved on Monday after nearly six months of the Israeli regime's war on the Gaza Strip.

Nearly 8,000 people are still either missing or under the rubble. Also, 73% of the total victims of the war in Gaza are women and children.

The toll comes as the people are struggling with famine and starvation created due to the Israeli war and blockade on Gaza. 


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