Quds Day; universal protection of rights of oppressed Palestinian people

Tehran (IP) - International Quds Day is of special importance this year because some Arab countries have not taken steps to realize the rights of the Palestinian people; they have also turned their backs on the aspirations of this oppressed nation by normalizing their relations with the Zionist regime.

Iranians' reaction to 60% uranium enrichment

Tehran (IP) – In response to the sabotage and nuclear terrorism at the Natanz Nuclear Facility, the Iranian government announced that it had begun the process of enriching uranium to 60% purity. Here is what Iranian think about it. 214

60% uranium enrichment, Iran's new step to improve radiopharmaceuticals

The production of radiopharmaceuticals and nuclear medicine is one of the major achievements of the nuclear industry, and 60% uranium enrichment is a new step by Iran to improve the quality and quantity of radiopharmaceutical production. Any drug that has a radioisotope in its structure is called a radiopharmaceutical. 214

Iran-Russia, strategic alliance

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov met Iranian officials in Tehran on Tuesday (April 13th) to discuss important international, regional, and bilateral issues. 101

Iran unveils advanced nuclear centrifuges in National Day of Nuclear Technology

Tehran (IP) - On the 15th anniversary of Iran's National Day of Nuclear Technology and by order of the President of the country, feeding gas to new generation centrifuge machines were performed in Natanz enrichment complex, and also IR-9 centrifuge mechanical test was started, and the new generation centrifuge assembly center was put into operation. 207/216