Attempts to stay in White House

More than a week has passed since the end of the 2020 US presidential election, while Donald Trump is repeatedly emphasizing the voting fraud and despite the confirmation of the integrity of the controversial 2020 election by state officials and federal security officials, Trump is yet to drop his allegations, trying to stay in the White House. 207/214

Tabriz leather shoes, well known in the world

Tabriz (IP) - Charmshahr town of Tabriz, Iran, holds 250 leather producing workshops to produce more than 90% of the high-quality leather consumed in Iran and also for export. Tabriz handmade shoes are very popular in Iran and other countries due to the use of high-quality leather and its type of sewing.

Where are you, daddy's dear?

On November 2, three terrorists entered Kabul University, exploding a bomb and opening fire on a number of the students. The terrorist attack killed 22 students and injured 40 others.