Abrams and wrangling with a failed policy

Elliott Abrams, the US special envoy for Venezuela has recently been appointed as the new coordinator of the US government's anti-Iranian policies. He replaced the US President Trump's Iran envoy, Brian Hook.

How countries reopen schools amid corona crisis?

Iran's schools were reopened today, September 5, 2020, two weeks earlier than in previous years, while parents of students and school officials remain concerned about the spread of the coronavirus and the lack of a vaccine to control it.

Constructive outlook for Iran-IAEA relations

Tehran (IP) - Iran-IAEA relations over the past year and a half; namely, during the presidency of Rafael Grossi due to the IAEA being influenced by political pressures and some baseless claims about the past, have enjoyed negative effects.

Unrest in Basra has escalated

Immediately after returning from the United States, Iraqi Prime Minister Mustafa al-Kazemi went to Basra to review the developments.