Tehran (IP) - About 70% of glass and crystal products of Iran are produced in Varamin city, which are competitive with European products.

Iran PressIran News: As the most important indicator of handicrafts in Tehran Province, Varamin has turned into an index of glass production.

The glass industry has a high employment potential in Iran.

Today, all the techniques of making glass products in Venice, Italy, such as stein glass, mould, mosaic glass, and thousand flowers are performed in Varamin.

Right now, 50% of Varamin glass products are exported to countries like Turkey and Iraq. These products are competitive with European countries such as Italy and the Czech Republic.

One of the advantages of glass production in Varamin city is the use of glass waste as the raw material for the production of luxury glass products. This plays an important role in preserving the environment.


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Varamin Glass, compatible with European products
Varamin Glass, compatible with European products