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World News Paper: House set for showdown at public hearing

The House will begin the public phase of its impeachment inquiry Wednesday with Democrats and Republicans prepared to offer competing narratives of whether President Trump inappropriately pressured Ukraine to investigate his political rivals, during televised hearings that could determine the fate of his presidency. 101/219

World Newspapers: New pride in dissent at US State department

State Department Foreign Service officers usually express their views in formal diplomatic cables, but these days they are using closed Facebook groups and encrypted apps to convey their pride in Marie L. Yovanovitch, the ousted ambassador to Ukraine, whose House testimony opened the floodgates on the impeachment inquiry into President Trump. 214/216

World newspapers: Dueling strategies on hearings to impeach

Republicans and Democrats are battling over witnesses.

World Newspapers: Colleges move to confront addiction

Local campuses offer rehab aid for struggling students. 104/216