Tehran (IP) - Brigadier General Hassan Hassanzade in an exclusive interview with Iran Press about the future plans of IRGC in Coronavirus crisis said that IRGC is active in both prevention Coronavirus and treatment of patients and will continue its activity.

Iran Press/Iran news: "In curing patients, IRGC’ hospitals are providing different vital services to the people. In the research area, IRGC had been active too. IRGC has used its full potential in the prevention area by training and informing people," Commander of the IRGC Seyyeda Shohada Headquarters Brigadier General Hassan Hassanzadeh said in an exclusive interview with Iran Press.

The official noted that the National Health Program has kicked off by the joint effort of the Health Ministry in 4 provinces including Gilan and Qom and Basij (IRGC Voluntary Forces) also has formed different teams to attend cities to assist and inform people.

He said: "Basij has also been active in the production of masks and antiseptic gels in different provinces, this trend will continue. After that, they will be in charge of distribution too.

He concluded that we hope to end the crisis as soon as possible.


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