Feb 17, 2020 16:37 Asia/Tehran [Updated: Apr 05, 2020 22:10 Asia/Tehran]

Tehran (IP) - Iran's Vice President for Science and Technology Sattari said that in order to counter the sanctions Iran has corresponding programs, planning for importing 135 types of drugs.

Iran PressIran news: In an exclusive interview with Iran Press on the sidelines of the ceremony to honor the manufacturing capabilities of the Iranian pharmaceutical industry and medical equipment, Sorena Sattari said: "We highly follow the import-related matters and in order to counter the sanctions we have corresponding programs for this year planning for 135 types of drugs to import and in the second package we will import 90 types of drugs."

"We hope to import 5 different vaccines in the coming year by the companies working in this field," he noted.

"Livestock and poultry, aquatic section, agricultural, and the matters related to the health are also among our following programs," Sattari continued.


"The Stem Cell, Biotech, Chemical drugs, and medical equipment are among the fields we have been so successful in. As it is obvious, there has been formed an active ecosystem consists of the companies, accelerators, universities, and educated people," Vice President for Science and Technology added.


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