Tehran(IP) - The Spokesman of Iran's National Task Force for Combating Coronavirus called the British COVID-19 variant the predominant type of virus in Iran.

Iran Press/Iran News: Alireza Raisi on Saturday, after the meeting of Iran's National Task Force for Combating Coronavirus which was held in the presence of the President, added: "All provinces are facing a heavy wave of the coronavirus. Most hospitals are crowded and the number of patients is high. We also have provinces that had just passed through the previous wave successfully and now are engaged with the new wave again."

He noted: "Various factors have played a role in the formation of this new wave, before the arrival of the new year and from mid-March on Nowruz eve, shopping and visits, the sharp decrease in compliance, which unfortunately fell below 60%." 

The Deputy Minister of Health said: "On the other hand, family gatherings, going to parties and restaurants, and the number of wedding and mourning ceremonies were other main factors that caused the formation of a new wave of the corona. Another important factor, not only in Iran but also in other countries, is the presence of the British virus variant which is now the predominant type of virus in Iran. The corona model in the provinces confirms this."

He noted: "We have a very steep slope in 12 provinces”

Raisi highlighted: "From today, for 10 days, the smart management plan will be applied based on the color scheme of cities in red, orange, and yellow cities. In the red cities, except for the first group of jobs, which are very necessary, the rest of the jobs are closed. In orange cities, only the jobs in group one and group two can operate. In yellow cities, the jobs in group one, two, and three can operate, and in blue cities, jobs in group four are closed."


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