Tehran (IP) - Iran’s president called the British COVID-19 variant entered from Iraq as the most important reason behind the 4th wave of the spread of COVID-19 in Iran.

Iran Press/Iran News: Speaking at the meeting of Iran’s National Task Force for Combating Coronavirus on Saturday, Hassan Rouhani said that Iran was on the eve of the Holy month of Ramadhan and he expressed hope that every individual could make the best of this blessed month.

Rouhani added that unfortunately Iran has passed through 3 peaks of the COVID-19 outbreak and the country had entered the fourth one which had many reasons behind it.

The President said: "The first factor was the arrival of the British virus from Iraq. This was the biggest factor that has affected the families and is responsible for the full hospitals today. If the British virus had not entered these provinces from Khuzestan and Ilam and had not entered other provinces, we did not grapple with the issue.”

Rouhani stated: "The second issue was the frequent commute and gatherings on the national occasion of Nowruz, especially in the week before it, mainly shops, markets and vendors, and people gathered at business."

He went on to call the Nowruz ceremony itself as the third factor saying “While this ceremony is a good ceremony in every aspect, but this year, due to the coronavirus outbreak, there were many visits without protocols observance, although most people had been wearing masks since while they were eating fruits, the masks were removed and one infected person could possibly infect the others."


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