Tehran (IP) - On February 25, 2018, in the presence of Major-General Mohammad-Ali Ja'fari, the then IRGC chief commander, and General Mohammad Pakpour, the commander of the IRGC ground forces, the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps unveiled its latest defense achievements, which included the Azarakhsh anti-armor air-to-ground missile.

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Specifications & Features

Azarakhsh anti-armor air-to-ground missile was unveiled with the aim of conducting low-altitude air operations and against ground targets and fortifications.

Azarakhsh missile is air-launched and is installed on combat helicopters such as the Kobra.

Its maximum range is 10 km and its maximum speed is 550 m/s, which is equal to Mach 1.86 in SI standard conditions. Azarakhsh weighs 70 kg, has a diameter of 127 mm and a length of 3,096 mm.

Azarakhsh missile has an infrared seeker in its nose, with the help of which it locks on the desired target and goes towards it. This seeker can lock onto the target from a distance of 6 km and direct the missile towards it. It is also a fire-and-forget missile.

It has a solid-fuel rocket engine, and for flight and change of direction, it has four moving wings in its head and four stabilizing wings in its tail.

Azarakhsh is designed based on Sidewinder AIM-9J  air-to-air missile, which Iran also owns. This missile is based on the fuselage of the Sidewinder with a new seeker, the infrared imaging camera, in the role of air-to-air and air-to-surface.

Azarakhsh was made with two types of hollow and cylindrical warheads, which are anti-armor and anti-aircraft models. In fact, except for the shape of the fuselage, everything from the engine to the nose sensor is different from the Sidewinder.

Compared to Sidewinder, Azarakhsh is lighter and also has less range and speed than Sidewinder. Of course, Sidewinder is an air-to-air missile and high speed is necessary for it, but Azarakhsh is an air-to-surface missile and does not need that high speed.

It should be said that the range of Azarakhsh for a missile launched from a helicopter is quite appropriate and in accordance with the standard. The weight reduction also makes it easier for the helicopter to carry the missile. Of course, the weight of this missile is significantly higher than other air-launched anti-armor missiles such as Almas.

But what is the reason for the lower range and speed of the Azarakhsh anti-armor missile? Sidewinder AIM-9J has a 4.5 kg warhead, which type of warhead and its weight are unsuitable for an anti-armor missile. So, it seems that by increasing the warhead's weight and changing its type to an anti-armor warhead, the Iranian experts have reduced the amount of portable fuel of the missile so that the missile is effective against armored vehicles such as tanks.

There is no information about the weight and type of missile warhead, but its type should be "Highly Explosive Anti-Tank" or HEAT, which is a type of warhead whose weight is probably around 10 kg. This type of warhead is classified as a chemical energy warhead and penetrates the tank's armor by melting it.

Azarakhsh missile can also play an air-to-air role to destroy enemy aircraft.


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