On the brink of a federal government shutdown, 76 members of the US Senate voted yes on a continuing resolution (CR) bill to keep the White House running.

Iran PressAmerica: Earlier on Saturday, the US House of Representatives voted 335 to 91 to approve a 45-day extension of federal funding in the nick of time.

The US Senate voted overwhelmingly to approve a stopgap bill to fund government operations for the next 45 days with three and a half hours to go until a midnight deadline at the end of the fiscal year, ending a days-long standoff that had threatened to paralyze federal agencies and leave millions of workers without paychecks.

It is expected that President Joe Biden will sign the legislation before 12.01 a.m. on Sunday, averting a lapse in appropriations that would have resulted in the entire US government having to shut down non-essential operations.

The tensions which led to the funding impasse, including opposition to funding Ukraine by a small number of Republicans and a desire among a hard-right faction of the GOP to enact sweeping spending cuts and bake harsh immigration policies into must-pass budget bills, still remain and will undoubtedly cause tensions as lawmakers work on full-year spending bills.