Tehran (IP) - Majid Nouri, Hamid Nouri's son, said that his father had been jailed in Sewewdn solitary confinement for more than 1,000 days with no lawyer and his lockup place constantly changing.

Iran PressIran news: "Hamid Nouri," 61, an Iranian citizen, was arrested by Sweden's security forces on November 9, 2019, upon his arrival to Sweden to follow up family issues.

He was sentenced to life imprisonment by the Swedish court while he had not been provided to read the Persian text of the verdict.

He hasn't a lawyer or translator at the moment.

In the Judiciary Spokesman's press conference on Tuesday, Majid Nouri told reporters that the Swedish Police just sufficed to express their regret about his father's mistreatment. 

Hamid Nouri's son said that his father was not given the Persian version of the verdict yet: "He has not read the verdict, the designation of his new lawyer has not yet been agreed upon, while there are less than forty days left for the appeal."

The Judiciary Spokesman Masoud Setayeshi said that Hamid Nouri was being kept in the severest conditions because he was deprived of basic fundamental rights, even comunication with his family. 

The Swedish convicted Nouri over the false charge of human rights violations, namely alleged participation in executions of MKO terrorists (MEK or Mujahedin-e-Khalq Organization) in the first decade of Iran's Islamic Revolution.

Setayeshi stressed that the Swedish must hear the witnesses and Hamid Nouri's comments, calling the verdict unfair. 

According to the Swedish prosecution, Noury was an assistant prosecutor in prison near Tehran at the time of the events. Hamid Noury has denied the charges.

Iranian officials earlier firmly announced that the arrest and trial of Hamid Nouri had no legal basis.

Nasser Kanaani, Iran's Foreign Ministry Spokesman, said earlier that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is pursuing this matter seriously to protect its citizens." 

Following his arrest, against all international laws, Nouri was not allowed to contact his family, and the Swedish judicial system did not allow Nouri to meet his family in person for two years. 

The MEK terrorist organization has a record of assassinating around 12,000 high-ranking Iranian officials and citizens.


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