May 27, 2020 16:57 Asia/Tehran [Updated: May 27, 2020 17:25 Asia/Tehran]
  • Iran unveils K1 LifeBot medical robot
    Iran unveils K1 LifeBot medical robot

Tehran (IP) - Iran's first operational medical robot called 'K1 LifeBot' was produced and unveiled by the country's experts.

Iran Press/Iran News: The Iranian medical robot called 'K1 LifeBot' was designed and produced in less than a month to address the needs of the medical staff at the time of the coronavirus outbreak, relying on the ability of the Iranian specialists, and was unveiled in Tehran on Wednesday.

Using stereo vision technology, the robot has a barrier detection sensor, body temperature measurement capability, blood oxygen level measurement, and the ability to add other sensors.

Video and audio communication between doctor and patient and transporting food and medicine to different rooms are other features of this robot.

The robot also has multiple functions to control several other robots as well as anti-slip screens on moving trays.


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