Dec 14, 2019 16:41 Asia/Tehran [Updated: Aug 04, 2020 14:49 Asia/Tehran]

Tehran (IP) - Head of Center for Advanced Systems and Technologies(CAST) as the project manager for Iranian humanoid robot said this generation is highly improved compared to earlier generations.

Iran Press/Iran news: "Sourena IV differs a lot compared to previous models, it is faster, smarter and shorter (The third-generation robot was 2 meters high and weighed 100 kilograms)," Dr. Yousefi Koma said in an exclusive interview with Iran Press on the sidelines of an unveiling ceremony at Tehran University.

Sourena IV Project manager said: "We have designed feet sensors dedicated for moving on uneven surfaces."

"Industrial designing and also mechanical designing of this robot is specialized. We have used Magnesium and Aluminum alloys that have led to a lighter robot," Yousefi Koma mentioned.

In November 2017 the Iranian Center for Advanced Systems and Technologies (CAST), part of the University of Teheran, publically unveiled Sourena III, a very advanced adult-sized humanoid robot, who can walk, run, speak and recognize people. This was the third version of the robot, released 7 and 5 years ago respectively after its predecessors, Sourena I and II. 101/211

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