Mar 14, 2020 15:03 Asia/Tehran [Updated: May 28, 2020 22:39 Asia/Tehran]
  • Some countries have helped Iran in fighting Covid-19

Tehran (IP)- Foreign Ministry spokesman announcing the names of countries that have so far helped Iran to fight Covid-19, stressing that the Iranian government and its people will never forget their friends in a hard time.

Iran Press/Iran news: "Following FM Zarif's tweets and phone calls as well as efforts by Iranian embassies, in addition to donations from China, Turkey, the United Arab Emirates, Germany, France, and the United Kingdom, donations and medical equipment from Japan, Qatar, Azerbaijan, and Russia have been received," Abbas Mousavi wrote in his Twitter account on Saturday.

"The Iranian government and people will never forget their friends in the hard time," he stated.

The spokesman in a statement yesterday, described China's state aid and public aid, that there are about 350,000 different types of coronavirus test kits, about 2,400 masks, about 130,000 gowns, about 120,000 ventilators and aspirators, about 2,800 anthropometric and oximeter devices, about 13,000 protective goggles, about 160,000 face or cap protectors, and about 50 boxes of Corona medication have come to Iran through eight freight flights and have been delivered to the Ministry of Health.

The COVID-19 viral disease that has swept into at least 149 countries, infected around 147,965 and killed 5,543 people is now officially a pandemic, according to the World Health Organization announcement on Wednesday, March 11.


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