Shiraz(IP)- The Director General of the West Asia Office of the Iran Trade Promotion Organization anticipated the prospect of trade exchanges between Iran and Qatar with the cooperation of the private sector reaching one billion dollars a year.

Iran PressIran news: Farzad Piltan" in an interview with Iran press correspondent in Shiraz, south-central Iran, pointed out that the volume of trade between Iran and Qatar used to reach an annual average of 260 million dollars in the past years, however; he added that the volume of these exchanges decreased in recent years and even in the year 1400 (2021) reached 150 million USD.

The Director General of the West Asia Office of Iran Trade Promotion Organization (TPO) expressed hope that due to the bilateral cooperation between Iran and Qatar in various economic fields and the good capacity of the two countries in trade exchanges, the value of these exchanges will increase to one billion dollars a year.

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Farzad Piltan also announced the export of Iran's knowledge-based goods with added value, addressing the field of health tourism and the transit of basic goods, among the most important plans of the 13th administration of Iran for the development of commercial cooperation with Qatar.

The Director General of the West Asia Office of the Iran Trade Promotion Organization also pointed out the fact that the 2022 World Cup games to be hosted by Qatar is on the way, and six exhibition events have been planned to be held during the World Cup and with the coordination of the Iranian Embassy in Qatar.

Piltan added that these exhibitions are on the agenda in the areas of providing goods needed by Qatar, including food, dry fruits, agricultural products, handicrafts, carpets, furniture, jewelry, and precious stones, and it is expected that they will be well received by the visitors.


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