Abuja (IP) - Some people lost their lives in a gas explosion that occurred near a school in the Sabon Gari area of Nigeria's Kano State, on Tuesday

Iran PressAfrica: Nigeria has seen bloody attacks in recent years. The attacks began in the north of the country and then spread to other parts of Nigeria.

 An eyewitness at the scene, Mujahid Muhammad, told Iran Press that an unknown man detonated an explosive on the street of Sabon Gari Tuesday morning. The explosion destroyed a building adjacent to the school which resulted in the death of 10 school children. Still, according to the Kano State Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs, nine people have been confirmed killed. The ministry added that the bodies were recovered from the rubble of a collapsed building beside a primary school.

The Kano Police Commissioner, Ismail Di, insisted that the explosion happened in a gas refilling shop. He added that "An investigation has commenced determining the cause, impact, and measures to be taken on the incident." The incident which occurred at an animal feed store opposite the school along Aba Road, Sabon Gari of Fagge Local Government Area, the cause of the explosion and the exact number of the people killed remain topic of argument as the police said it was a gas cylinder that exploded not a bomb, statement that people at the place rejected and believed that it was a bomb.

In response to the incident, the Director-General of the National Emergency Management Agency, Mustapha Habib, insisted that the explosion was a gas cylinder. When talking to journalists at the scene, Mustapha Habib added, "On Tuesday morning, we woke up with a very sad incident in Kano with a gas cylinder explosion, just near a school here in Sabon Gari."

"And we have tried, we quickly mobilized excavators to come and dig out (for the people trapped), some people have been taken to hospital. We want to get a proper assessment of what we have on the ground. As of now, we cannot tell you exactly what and what exactly the situation, lives lost, or how many people are in the hospital. But the assessment is ongoing, and we are going to go to the General Hospital here in Kaleo to assess the situation."


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