Tehran(IP)- Referring to the efforts to pass the bill on personal data protection, Iran's head of the Information Technology Organization said: "If start-ups want to do their job properly and have balanced growth, they must protect people's data."

Iran PressIran News: Mohammad Khansari, Iran's head of the Information Technology Organization, about accelerating the development of knowledge-based companies, employment, and production in the new year added: "Knowledge-based companies work on high-tech products and their products have special characteristics."

"They usually have a large number of skilled manpower, and the costs they spend in the field of production and special laboratories are very high." he pointed out. 

According to Iran's head of the Information Technology Organization, a large number of issues related to the facilitation of affairs about knowledge-based companies in the country are handled by the Vice President for Science, and another part of the tasks is the responsibility of the Ministry of Communications and in particular the Information Technology Organization.

He emphasized: "Many issues regarding the laws related to startups should be submitted to the parliament by the government in the form of a bill."

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One of the most important programs we have now is the personal data protection bill, and if startups want to do their job correctly and grow in a balanced way, they need to protect people's data," Khansari reassured.

 According to Khansari, "Currently, there are 6,700 knowledge-based companies in the country, of which 1,500 companies in the field of information technology, 1,200 other companies in the field of electronics and telecommunications hardware and a total of 2,800 companies are active in these two areas."

While one-third of all knowledge-based companies use information technology to advance their work, as a rule, these companies follow a cycle in their growth. To accelerate this cycle, items such as authentication, postal code, address, bank credits, bank account conversions, and ownership are among the critical infrastructures that must be provided for these companies. They can Produce your innovative product to use it.

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