Tehran (IP)- The Leader of the Islamic Revolution says the Vienna talks are going well and the Iranian negotiating team has so far resisted the other side's excessive demands and will continue to do so.

Iran PressIran News: On the 10th day of Ramadan (April 12, 2022), Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei met with government officials of the Islamic Republic.

Government should move its work forward regardless of the Vienna talks' results and the country's future should not be tied to the talks' outcomes and the success or collapse of nuclear talks with the powers, said the Leader.

"America has reneged on its pledge to the nuclear agreement and has reached a dead-end in the talks," Ayatollah Khamenei noted.

Ayatollah Khamenei asked officials to continue their work and plans no matter what happens in the Vienna talks and said: “Things are going well in the talks and the negotiating team, president, SNSC are informed and make decisions... So far our negotiators have resisted excessive demands of other side and god willing, they will continue to do so.”

Leader: Saudis will not win the war in Yemen

Addressing the Saudi leaders, Ayatollah Khamenei said: "You will not win the war in Yemen, so why don't you find a way to end the war in which you will not succeed?"

Ayatollah Khamenei also stated in the meeting: "On the issue of Yemen, I have an advice to the Saudi leaders which is really benevolent."He added: "Why do you continue the war you are sure you will not win? Is it possible for the Saudis to win the war in Yemen? No, it is not.

"With the efforts of the Yemeni people, with the courage that their leaders, with the practical initiative that they have shown in various sectors, there is no chance of victory," Ayatollah Khamenei highlighted."So why does a war in which there is no chance of victory continue? Find a way out of this war," he noted.


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