Tehran (IP) - Stressing that the economic benefit of Iranian nation is on the agenda, the spokesman for Iran's Foreign Ministry said that the red lines have been observed and if the country had been to cross the red lines, we would have agreed a few months ago on the JCPOA-related issues.

Iran PressIran News: According to Iran Press, Speaking at his a weekly press conference in Tehran on Monday, Saeed Khatibzadeh, the Spokesman for Iran's Ministry of Foreign Affairs said about the letter of the MPs to the President about the Vienna talks:

"Under the aegis of the Supreme National Security Council and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the red lines have been observed, and if we were to cross the red lines, we would have agreed a few months ago."

"Of course, we cannot talk about the outcome of what is going on, the economic benefit of the Iranian people from the lifting of sanctions is on the agenda, and we announced this to the other side with full knowledge," he said.

The spokesman of Iran's Ministry of Foreign Affairs also said that more than one issue has left between Iran and the United States that has not been resolved yet.

Khatibzadeh, in response to a question about the IRGC Quds Force remaining on the US sanctions list, said: "All maximum pressure must be removed, what remains is more than one issue, and all components of maximum pressure must be removed until that day."

"We are waiting for Washington's decision and we are moving within the framework of the certain benefits of the Iranian people," he said.

He also concluded that Hossein Al-e Sadiq has been appointed as Iran's new ambassador to Iraq which is soon to start his mission in the middle Eastern Country.

In response to a question by Iran Press about the Arash oil and gas field, Khatibzadeh stated that the Oil Ministry has underlined that the Arash oil field is shared between Iran, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia.

"The fact is that no boundaries have been set between Iran and Kuwait yet," he noted.

"The Islamic Republic of Iran has emphasized that no exploitation of this field should take place until the boundaries are determined," Khatibzadeh stressed.

"The Islamic Republic of Iran has stated in a note to the Kuwaiti government that boundaries should be set, and Kuwait has accepted the proposal; in this regard, delegations will be exchanged as soon as possible to determine the boundaries," the spokesman concluded.

Arash oil field is a shared oil field among Iran, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait.

The latest development regarding Arash oil and gas field dates back to April 25.Previously, by defining the boundaries for each member state, gas extraction was to proceed jointly between the three countries, but Saudi Arabia and Kuwait, on the mentioned date and without the presence of Iran, signed an agreement for the development of the field.

Following this action, on April 26, the Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesman, Saeed Khatibzadeh, called the agreement illegal.


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