On the National Day of Nuclear Technology, Iran's president visited the exhibition of the Atomic Energy Organisation of Iran (AEOI) to see the new achievements of Iranian scientists in the field of peaceful nuclear activities.

Iran PressIran News: Iran's President Ebrahim Raisi appeared at the Nuclear Achievements Exhibition held at the Summit Hall before noon on Saturday to visit the nine new nuclear achievements of the country, as well as other scientific and peaceful achievements of the country in recent years, including various generations of Iranian-made centrifuges.

During the visit, Raisi expressed pride over the progress of Iranian young scientists in the field of nuclear technology and described these developments as a symbol of self-confidence and reliance on internal power, and called for this spirit to spread to other industries and strategic areas in the country.

Emphasising the right to use peaceful nuclear energy, Raisi called Iran's nuclear knowledge and technology in the nuclear field irreversible and said: "Relying on Iranian young people and scientists and jihadist work is a model that always works and should be used in other areas as well."

Raisi stated that Iran would continue research in peaceful nuclear fields regardless of the will or opinion of outsiders, saying: "Fortunately, the research work of scientists in the peaceful uses of nuclear energy is accelerating well, and the government will support this process".

During the visit, Mohammad Eslami, Head of the Atomic Energy Organisation, and Sorena Sattari, Vice-President for Science and Technology Affairs, described the country's scientific and technological achievements in the nuclear field to the president.

Nine achievements unveiled in the presence of President Raisi include:

1- Comprehensive strategic document and its attached documents.

2- Compilation of technical knowledge and construction of the first sample of silicon fuel plates in order to replace the fuel of the Tehran research reactor.

3- Design and construction of a pistachio detoxification system using cold plasma technology, in this way, fungi and bacteria of pistachio products are eliminated and no obstacle as aflatoxin pest is placed in the way of exporting this product.

4- Design and construction of cold plasma system for the treatment of cancer, this system targets the selection of cancer cells and reduces the pain and suffering of cancer patients.

5- Production of radionuclide terbium-161 without the added carrier. In this method, radioactive particles are attached to the tumor through a specific carrier depending on the type of cancer and kill the cancer cell locally.

6- Labeling of pentagezifor radiopharmaceutical kit with Gallium 68 radiopharmaceutical under the brand name of Pars Sixafor, design, synthesis, and formulation of Gallium 68-FAPI radiopharmaceutical under the brand name of Pars Gallopapi to diagnose more than 28 types of incurable cancer and all its metastases.

 7- Production of FAPI radiopharmaceutical kit for labeling with Lotishum-177, Gallium 68, and Technisium 99 radiopharmaceuticals.

8- Acquisition of technology for the production of stable zirconia powder, which can be used in various industries.

9- Designing and manufacturing micro-machining laser springs, for making small parts with very high accuracy.


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