The director-general of the IAEA said that his negotiations in Tehran were good and constructive emphasizing that what is needed to complete the talks in Vienna is to show cooperation.

Iran PressEurope: The IAEA director-general, Rafael Grossi, emphasizing that his talks in Tehran were good and constructive, said: "What we need to complete the negotiations in Vienna is show cooperation."

Addressing reporters in Vienna, he said: "I had a successful conversation with the Iranian Foreign Minister and I think he intends to travel to Vienna for the final talks, but you should ask him this because I do not follow the talks in detail."

Grossi said the joint statement with Iran would be a beacon for mutual interaction and cooperation in the next seven months.

The Director-General of the Agency continued that in the past, sometimes we were successful and sometimes we were not successful, but we must continue our work and effort.

Grossi also said that he expects to present a summary to the IAEA's Board of Governors by June. 219