Tehran (IP) – Iran's minister of communications and information technology says establishing National Information Network does not mean cutting off access to the global internet.

Iran PressIran News: Attending his first press conference on Saturday, Issa Zarepour said: "Establishing the National Information Network does not mean cutting off access to the global Internet, but it involves the time when the country wants to connect with international communications, use its maximum capacity and have a good experience in the future."

"The National Information Network is a big project, parts of which has been implemented in the last 8 years, and we have made about 35 to 40 percent progress," he pointed.

He stated that the National Information Network would facilitate users' access to information on the Internet with higher speed, better quality, limitlessness and with fewer costs.

Elaborating on how technology has affected people's livelihood, Zarepour noted: "Many countries have launched their own National Information Network since it was a civilization-making tool."

He underlined the importance of launching the National Information Network on Feb 15, 2022, adding that a particular part has been allocated to the National Information Network to eradicate any problems with the submitted budget plan 2022 to the Parliament.

The minister highlighted the services which will be offered by launching the National Information Network, including E-government to eliminate corruption, better quality services to all, public services and basic applied services.

He said the Digital Economy Committee in the administration would be formed with the participation of two vice presidents and four ministers to increase the share of the digital economy in the country's economy to 10%.

"We have envisaged a new mechanism in the Ministry of Communications to realize the National Information Network in the country," he added.


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