Saudis suffer defeat in all fronts: Ansarullh

Yemen (IP) - The Spokesman of the Yemeni Ansarullah movement says the Saudi regime achieved nothing from its war on Yemen but defeats on all fronts.

Iran PressMiddle East: In a Friday tweet, Mohammed Abdul Salam said that the Saudi-led coalition suffered heavy defeats in al-Bayda, and on other fronts, it faced inevitable realities which made its efforts ineffective in avoiding the defeats.

Abdul Salam noted: "Saudi Arabia had better to completely regret and stop wasting time in its aggression and siege."

He said whether or not the Saudi regime keeps on its aggression and blockade, it would never defeat the will of the Yemeni nation. 

After suffering successive defeats by Ansarullah forces in Ma'rib province, the Saudi-led coalition forces invading Yemen are seeking to open new fronts in al-Bayda province, using elements of al-Qaeda and ISIS to fight Yemeni forces.


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