Explosion shake Syrian city of Daraa

The media reported a severe explosion in the city of Daraa, the capital of Daraa province in southern Syria.

Iran Press/Middle East: The Syrian News Agency (SANA) reported on Thursday morning that an explosion took place in the al-Sabil area of ​​the city of Daraa and that there were reports of injuries.

ANA did not provide further details.

The Syrian Al-Akhbariya network also reported that the sound of a terrible explosion was heard in the Syrian city of Daraa.

Sputnik news agency also quoted its correspondent as saying: the accident occurred due to a bomb blast and left 2 people injured.

Following the explosion, ambulances immediately entered the area and security forces surrounded the scene.

Daraa province in southern Syria has been the scene of intense fighting between the Syrian army and terrorists since the beginning of the crisis.


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