Tehran (IP) - According to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs spokesperson, tomorrow, Tuesday, September 19, is the deadline for the Tehran-Baghdad security agreement.

Iran PressIran news: Despite the effective actions of the Iraqi government in implementing the agreement, it is said that some clauses are not fulfilled yet. Nasser Kanaani, the spokesman of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, in a press conference on Monday and in response to Iran Press reporter regarding the lack of full implementation of the agreement, said: "The separatist and terrorist armed forces disarmed and the forces deployed in the camps."

Kanaani added: "Many of the terms of the agreement have been fulfilled up to this moment; some headquarters have been evacuated, and terrorists have been moved far from the borders and deep into the territory of Iraq."

He added: "We hope the full process will occur on time based on the Iraqi government's commitment and bilateral emphasis. Kanaani stressed: "Iran will not make concessions on the security issue. The security of the common border with Iraq is important to us, and pointed out: "During the years of ISIS attacks, we stood by the Iraqi nation and defended their territorial integrity."

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs spokesman said: "The presence of terrorist groups in the Iraqi Kurdistan region and the common border is a security threat, and we are determined to implement the agreement fully."

Pointing out that the matter is followed up in the security forces meetings framework, he added: "We are waiting for the end of the agreement's implementation, and then we will comment on it."

US, Iranian prisoners to be released today




Kanaani referred to the 5 Iranian citizens imprisoned in the US, adding that two of them will return to Iran as they want to do so, one other will be transferred to another country where his family is settled, and finally, the two other remained will stay in the US to live there.  

The 5 American citizens also will be handed over to the US as they asked, the Iranian MFA spokesman said. 

He added that the revival of the nations' rights is a duty of all governments, including the Islamic Republic, and any government has its political way of ensuring the rights.

Liberation of the Iranian assets blocked in other countries to continue

The top diplomat noted that the liberation of the Iranian nation's assets blocked in other countries will continue, stating that the money released from South Korea will be spent based on Iran's needs. 

Kanaani also said that the Iranian nation's assets blocked in South Korea would be delivered to Iran simultaneously by exchanging the Iranian and American prisoners.

Tehran seeks to use any window of diplomatic opportunity to return to sanctions removal negotiations

The spokesman of Iran's Ministry of Foreign Affairs, while speaking at his weekly presser, said about holding meetings on the sidelines of the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) meeting: "Iran adheres to the path of diplomacy in restoring the nation's rights, and based on the willingness of JCPOA parties to conduct negotiations and dialogues, it does not have any restrictive considerations for the committed return of all parties to the JCPOA."

Kanaani further stressed, " We followed the path of lifting the sanctions through the diplomatic path until now. If there is a window of opportunity in the diplomatic path to return to negotiations to lift sanctions, we will use it. It is possible to hold meetings on the sidelines of the general assembly."


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