UN (IP) - The Secretary of Iran's Human Rights Council says that the human rights situation must be correctly narrated to the countries of the world.

Iran PressAmerica: Iran's Kazem Gharibabadi arrived in New York on Saturday to attend the meetings of the Third Committee of the UN General Assembly.

Gharibabadi said that his aim to participate in the meeting was to prevent the wrong and hostile narration of the West, especially the US, of the human rights situation in Iran to the general public of the world. 

The Iranian top human rights official said the US and European countries referred to what was going on in Iran as peaceful gatherings but the fact was that the gatherings were against international political-civil rights by virtue of which hate-mongering, violence, and using weapons were banned. 

In the recent unrest in Iran, the very international standards were violated, he noted and reported that amid the gatherings more than 40 law enforcement officers were martyred by the rebels. 

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In his report, Gharibabadi also pointed to the influx of the terrorist group to Iran and said that more than 50 terrorists affiliated with MKO and over 80 others affiliated with the Kurdish terrorist outfits were arrested. 

The head of the Iranian human rights council also had consultations with the non-aligned countries and other friend countries.

Unrest was instigated under the pretext of Mahsa Amini, 22, who died due to a sudden heart attack in a police center in Tehran on Tuesday, September 13, after being taken there for violation of dress codes along with some other women.


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