Tehran (IP) - The Danish Foreign Minister has stressed that the European government strongly condemns insulting the Holy Quran.

Iran PressIran News: Lars Løkke Rasmussen, in a telephone conversation with his Iranian counterpart Hossein Amir-Abdullahian on Wednesday, said that his government condemned any insult to religious sanctities and abuse of freedom of speech.

The Danish foreign minister stressed that the country "strongly condemns insulting the Holy Quran".

"Although the main pillar of the Danish constitution is freedom of speech, religion, and peaceful demonstrations, some abuse it, which we consider unacceptable," said the top Danish diplomat.

"Nobody should think that the Danish people are like those few people who do acts of Quran sacrilege," he said. 

During the conversation initiated by the European side, Amir-Abdullahian emphasized the necessity of punishing those who insult the Quran.

The top Iranian diplomat condemned the recent cases of desecration of the Holy Quran, saying, "Freedom of speech is not like that religious values are targeted and attacked. Accordingly, the recurrence of such ridiculous and insulting actions, which brings back the memory of the era of Jahiliyyah or ignorance, is condemned in the strongest term possible."

"Quran desecration not only hurts the feelings of Muslims but also those of all Abrahamic religions followers," said Amir-Abdullahian.

"Considering the repetition of the abhorrent phenomenon of Quran sacrilege and the warnings conveyed to Denmark through diplomatic channels, the Danish government is seriously expected to prevent the repetition of such behaviors with an abiding sense of responsibility and taking effective measures to hold perpetrators accountable with severe punishment."

The two sides emphasized the importance of maintaining and strengthening the existing bilateral relations.


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