Nigeria (IP)- In major cities and villages across Nigeria, followers of Ahlulbayt have organized the annual Eid al-Ghadir celebration on Sunday.

Iran PressAfrica: Eid al-Ghadir is the celebration in which the Holy Prophet of Islam Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) appointed Ali (PBUH) as the first leader of Muslims after him based on a divine command from Allah the Almighty.

During the events held in Bauchi State, Sheikh Ahmad Yusuf Yashi, the guest speaker who talked about the virtue of Imam Ali (PBUH), also urged the Muslim nation around the globe to be united and stand firm in the path of resistance against any kind of injustice as Prophet and Imam Ali did during their lifetime.

Various traditions from both Sunni and Shia books record the event of Ghadir which took place in the year 632 C.E upon receiving the revelation, Prophet Muhammad stopped at an oasis known as Ghadir Khum and addressed the large gathering of companions after observing his last Haj pilgrimage and informed them that Allah has made Imam Ali (PBUH) the leader of the Muslims.


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