Egypt (IP) - Iran's Health Minister says that the country's healthcare system has acted successfully against the sanctions.

Iran PressAfrica: The Minister of Health of the Islamic Republic of Iran traveled on Monday to Cairo to attend the 69th session of the WHO Regional Committee for the Eastern Mediterranean (RC69) and returned to Tehran on Thursday.

Delivering a speech there in the forum, Bahram Einollahi elaborated on the top-ranking healthcare indicators of Iran in the region and noted that the country's health system was resistant and innovative against the US sanctions.

The Iranian Health Minister condemned the US unilateral sanctions against the banking transactions of the country's health system, which endangered the lives of the Iranian people, especially the children suffering from EB disease. 

The minister held separate meetings with his Pakistani, Syrian, Omani, Qatari, and Egyptian counterparts and the head of the WHO Regional Committee for the Eastern Mediterranean, discussing the medical cooperation for combatting contagious diseases as well as the expansion of academic, medical, and pharmaceutical exchanges. 


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