Bloom Production Group CEO:

Tehran (IP)- According to the CEO of Bloom Production Group, Iran-made mobile phones and tablets have successfully prevented capital outflow.

Iran PressIran News: Mehdi Behvandi emphasized the importance of his company's productions in curbing the outflow of capital. He highlighted that the import of mobile phones alone amounts to nearly three and a half billion dollars in foreign exchange. By producing mobile phones in Alborz province, Behvandi stated that they had created significant job opportunities and prevented capital from leaving the country.

Behvandi also expressed his company's commitment to harnessing the knowledge and capabilities of young people in order to enter the mobile phone operating systems sector. This strategic move aims to enable practical activities within this field.

During an exclusive interview with Iran Press at the Electronics, Computers, and Electronic Commerce Exhibition (ELCOMP), Behvandi elaborated on Bloom Production Group's range of products. He mentioned that their company specializes in manufacturing mobile phones, tablets, innovative accessories, electric bicycles, and intelligent scooters.

Behvandi proudly announced that his company has already introduced 12 different types of mobile phones and tablets into the market, successfully gaining a significant market share. Looking ahead, their plan is to further increase their market share in the coming months.

Highlighting the economic benefits of producing mobile phones domestically, Behvandi emphasized that by doing so in Alborz province alone, they can create substantial job opportunities while simultaneously preventing capital outflow. This approach strengthens the local economy and reduces reliance on imports.

Furthermore, Behvandi discussed Bloom Production Group's efforts in exchanging technology with various international companies and brands in order to bring intelligent bicycle technology into Iran. By producing these bicycles locally, they aim to address traffic congestion issues while promoting environmental sustainability.

In conclusion, Bloom Production Group's CEO highlighted their commitment to preventing capital outflow through domestic production while simultaneously creating employment opportunities. Their focus on innovation and collaboration with international partners demonstrates their dedication to advancing technology and contributing to the country's economic growth.


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