Mar 31, 2020 08:27 Asia/Tehran [Updated: May 27, 2020 14:02 Asia/Tehran]
  • Zarif lambastes US over heinous employment of humanitarian catastrophe for revenge
    Zarif lambastes US over heinous employment of humanitarian catastrophe for revenge

Tehran (IP) - Iran's Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif has criticized US President Donald Trump's revenge and spread of electoral hatred and exploitation by misusing a humanitarian disaster to spread the Novel Coronavirus.

Iran PressIran News: Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif said on his Twitter page on Monday, referring to the spread of the coronavirus in the world that the epidemic that is sweeping the world and threatens the fate of man needs cooperation, solidarity, and supplication

"We have not witnessed throughout this history such as heinous employment of a humanitarian catastrophe for revenge and spread hatred and electoral exploitation as the current American president and his team do.", Zarif reiterated.

Yesterday, The Foreign Minister of the Islamic Republic of Iran, in a message on his Instagram page, stressed that if the global Corona pandemic fails to stop irresponsible political melancholia and unilateralism, the world and moral values ​​will fail again.

Zarif said: "For the world's struggles to make fruit, for the world to come back to life, we must believe that all this earth is a land of combat and that everywhere in the world we are defeated, the whole world has failed."

He stated that Iran is the only country that cannot easily buy medical equipment and supplies in the face of the disease. The combination of sanctions and Corona makes the virus bolder and makes harder crisis management decisions.

Iranian Foreign Minister Yesterday (Monday) also wrote in an article entitled "Fight the virus not with us" in the Kommersant daily Moscow newspaper, emphasizing that the period of sitting and watching the US bullying is over. The time has come for the international community to play its real role and end the cruel and illegal US sanctions.


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