The Chinese firm Xpeng has tested its electric flying taxi in Dubai.

Iran PressMiddle East: Xpeng, the Chinese technology and electric vehicle manufacturer tested its flying taxi model Dubai. Being perhaps a historic moment in the evolution of travel and public transport, the company undertook the first successful flight of its X2 flying car.

“This flying car is a luxury item and a lot of high net-worth individuals are looking for technology and such luxurious product. Dubai is the place where we have customers,” said Omar Abdulaziz AlKhan, executive director for international offices at the Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry, CNBC reported.

The two-seater vehicle can reach speeds up to 130 kmph and is outfitted with vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) capabilities. The X2 is also equipped with autonomous flight capabilities along with intelligent flight control systems. The vehicle is fully electric and emits zero carbon. It can carry up to 500 kg on take-off with eight propellers on board.

While only a few have been tested with passengers on board, it will still be some time before these flying taxis are put into any kind of service. The test conducted by Xpeng on Monday was an unmanned flight, though the company claims that it has tested manned flights before.

Safety issues for such vehicles also remain an issue. Battery safety, air traffic, infrastructure and cost are some of the concerns before bigger fleets of such vehicles can be instituted. Despite that, Dubai is looking at introducing a fleet of such vehicles sometime in the next few years.


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