Secretary of the Iranian Auto Parts Manufacturers Association (IAPMA) said that Iran's strong presence in the 2022 Russian Automobility Exhibition (MIMS Automobility Moscow 2022) was important to strengthen and export the cars and spare parts.

Iran PressIran News: Secretary of the Iranian Auto Parts Manufacturers Association (IAPMA) Arash Mohebinejad said the export of spare parts and cars to Russia, the supply of spare parts needed by the auto industry in Iran, the joint production of spare parts and cars in Iran and Russia, and the transfer of knowledge Technology and technology to Iran are four important goals for participating in the Moscow Auto Show.

In an interview with Iran Press News Agency, the Secretary of IAPMA emphasized: "On the sidelines of IAPMA at the MIMS Automobility Moscow 2022, good political, financial, and banking agreements were made between Iran and Russia, and the most important thing that happened was the first transaction of the Rial to Ruble through the Iranian foreign exchange market.

He added: "Twelve Memoranda of Understanding (MoUs) and cooperation agreements have been signed between Iranian and Russian car manufacturing companies on the sidelines of the exhibition to boost bilateral cooperation in the relevant fields.

If these MoUs are put into operation, it will lead to more than 700 million euros of foreign exchange for the country, Mohebinejad noted.

Mohebinejad added the two Iranian car brands, namely Shaheen and Tara and auto parts manufacturing capabilities were showcased at the exhibition, which was well received by the Russians. The 26th Moscow International Automobile, Parts, and Related Industries Exhibition was held for four days from August 22 to 25, 2022, with 50 Iranian auto parts manufacturers in attendance.

IAPMA secretary called the MIMS Automobility Moscow 2022 an exceptional opportunity for Iran's automobile industry to export its products by identifying new markets.


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