Tehran (IP) - Head of Iran's Emergency Medical Services Pir-Hossein Kolivand stated that the country's EMS has provided excellent services, and the necessary training was provided to the personnel in advance, and everything was planned when the outbreak occurred.

Iran PressIran news: Pir-Hossein Kolivand head of Iran's emergency medical services in a live presser at the Health Ministry on Monday (August 27) said that at the time of the coronavirus outbreak, the country's emergency services had professionally and meticulously planned the measures to deal with the outbreak.

EMS also has transferred and quarantined students who have been studying in China.

Providing emergency medical services for those infected with the coronavirus has been carried out by the special operation team, which is an international team, Kolivand pointed out.

He made the remarks that this special operation team had received the necessary training and equipment for natural disasters such as floods, earthquakes, or diseases namely COVID-19.

By the virus pandemic, Iran's EMS actively provided services to both the people and its personnel, in addition, the people's satisfaction showed that the organization had performed quite well, said the official.

During the coronavirus outbreak, the country's emergency services tried to help other organizations, he highlighted.

Kolivand stated that passing six months, the country's EMS is still on high alert.

115 projects have been inaugurated, one of which was the Rail Emergency which launched for the first time in the country, noted head of Iran's Emergency Medical Services.

The coronavirus that originated in Wuhan, China in late December spread to Iran in February.

On February 19, the Health Ministry announced that two elderly people in Qom had died from the coronavirus.


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