President Rouhani:

Tehran (IP) - Speaking at the online inauguration of the five national industrial and mining projects, Iran's President Hassan Rouhani stressed that the opening of such projects shows that the enemies have not realized Iran's power yet and the new US administration also far from Iran's realities.

Iran PressIran News: Iranian president said the US officials have not known Iran yet, adding that they did not know Iran before the Islamic Revolution and now they do not know it either.

Hassan Rouhani stated that if the Americans once understood this golden land (Iran), they would have behaved differently.

Referring to the words of the  Leader of the Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei,  Rouhani elaborated further that"  As the Leader had said before If the US returns to the JCPOA, Iran will return to its commitments, it is a win-win deal. But the Americans did not understand and did not take this opportunity."

"The messages we have from them show that the new US administration is also far from the realities of Iran," he noted.

US officials' lack of knowledge about Iran is ridiculous

Rouhani pointed out that so many national projects had been inaugurated in Iran costing Trillion tomans, which shows that Iran had been alive and the enemies had not yet understood the power of the Iranian nation.

He said US officials' lack of knowledge about Iran had been ridiculous.

"In the early months of the COVID outbreak, which was a difficult time, Trump told a foreign official that he was ready to help Iran, with the donation of four ventilators, which I told him, no matter how much Trump needs a ventilator, we are ready to export ventilators to the United States," he added.

 JCPOA; heavy burden on Iranian nation's shoulder

President Hassan Rouhani said on Thursday all those who say in the world today that JCPOA is the highest political agreement and everyone is proud of it, should know that the heavy burden of it has been on the shoulder of the great nation of Iran.

Emphasizing that if it were not for petrochemicals and mining industries, Iran would have faced problems with the conditions it had in last year to provide the currency needed by the country, he said: "I say that people should appreciate the petrochemical industry and mining industries with all their might."; Of course, others were involved in various sectors of the pharmaceutical, food, home appliance, automotive, agricultural, and all other sectors.

"There were activities and exports everywhere, but exports in the petrochemical and mining industries were the two main pillars, and they provided the most needed currency," he added.

Rouhani further explained that a great deal of work has been done in the petrochemical and mining sectors, adding: "They disappointed the enemy and gave hope to the nation. Of course, this does not mean that the people do not have problems." It is the time of war when we might experience bombing, destruction, problems, hardships, and injuries.

Emphasizing that today is an economic war that the enemies imposed on us, the president added: "We were not the initiators of this war." Even after this war was imposed on us, we fulfilled all our commitments for a year, which is the greatest moral, political and historical pride of the Iranian nation; Because despite the fact that the other party withdrew from the obligation, we waited for a whole year, that is, from 2018 to 2019, and since May 2019, we started reducing the obligations.

Rouhani reminded: "Those who say today that the United States should start first or Iran should start, must pay attention to the fact that Iran has been carrying the burden of the JCPOA for a year. For the last two years, the main burden of JCPOA has been on our shoulders as well.

He added: "All those who say in the world today is the highest political agreement of JCPOA and everyone is proud of it, must know that the heavy burden of this has been on the shoulders of the great nation of Iran."

"The Iranian nation has shown the world that it is politically, legally, and morally committed to its commitments and is acting, seeking peace and not war. Its activities are peaceful. Its core activities are peaceful, so this is what has been done by the Iranian nation has been a great job," President Rouhani stated.

Rouhani continued: "Today, it is the turn of the P5 + 1 to do their duty in these circumstances and to know that every day of delay, is to their detriment

The sooner they obey the law, regulations, and UN Security Council Resolution 2231 and humble themselves before the greatness of the Iranian people.

The President emphasized: "We will continue the path of production, development, ethics, and constructive interaction until the end."

President Rouhani on Thursday morning inaugurated five national projects of Iran's Ministry of Industry, Mine, and Trade in five provinces of Kerman, Ghazvin, Semnan, and Fars.

The projects are expected to generate some 1290 job opportunities.


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