Tehran (IP) - The Iranian Minister of Culture and Islamic Guidance said women scholars from 20 countries of the world took part in Mary's Tear International Conference.

Iran PressIran news: Mary's Tear International Conference was held in Tehran on November 25 to show the international solidarity of the conformity of the world's women against the Israeli regime's genocide in Gaza, Palestine.

The conference held online focused on the Islamic Republic's view on the effective role of women in the Resistance Front.     

The Iranian Minister of Culture Mohammad Mahdi Esmaili told reporters that the ministry dispatched a group of the cultural and art elites to the Resistance bases in Lebanon and the borders of Iraq and Jordan.  

Since its all-around attack on Gaza on October 7, the Israeli regime has targeted Gazan infrastructures, especially the hospitals; the result of the attacks was the martyrdom of nearly 15,000 Palestinian people.

The Israeli regime failed the fight against the Palestinian resistance groups, Hamas in particular, so it retaliated the defeat by launching a large genocide in Gaza.

The regime also has been targeting the infrastructures in the strip, including the hospitals and bakeries. Preparing healthy water is a crisis in Gaza.


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