Islamabad (IP) - The Federal Minister Jamal Shah and Ambassador of the Islamic Republic of Iran to Pakistan Reza Amiri Moghadam inaugurated the poster exhibition with the theme Palestine: Oppression, Resistance, Victory here at Lok Virsa Art Gallery, Islamabad.

Iran PressAsia: While expressing his thoughts with Iran Press about the situation of Palestine, Federal Minister Jamal Shah said: "These pictures have a very clear message, these pictures tell that Palestinians are being oppressed, it never happened in history before, so these pictures cry to stop that ruthlessness."

The poster exhibition has different categories of images that reflect the situation and what is actually going on with the people of Gaza and Palestine. The images of children, mothers, and the ruins of homes, all stop the viewer for some time to feel the pain of innocent Palestinians.

Talking to Iran Press, Ehsan Khazaie the cultural attaché of the Islamic Republic of Iran said: "The message of the pictures is to let us know about the people of Palestine who are facing the oppression of the Israeli regime, every day they are being bombarded, and innocent children and women are being martyred."

The pictures created by special effects were also presented there. The posters of newborn babies getting hit by the Israeli regime, mothers crying for help, and doctors rushing to provide aid to injured babies, were some special parts of the exhibition.

The ambassador of the Islamic Republic of Iran to Pakistan Reza Amiri Moghadam expressed his views while talking to Iran Press: "This exhibition gives a message to the people of Palestine, to the families of the martyrs that you are not alone. This is a truth that the US stands with the killer of babies, killer of innocent people and targeting hospitals, mosques, even the churches but people of Palestine are not alone."

The photos taken by international media and photographers of foreign lands were also displayed at the exhibition and they can make any sensitive human cry. Father holding the dead body of a baby or a mother covering her kid from the bombardment by the Israeli regime, these all can shake the world but the silence of the world is strange.

Sharing his deep concerns with Iran Press, the ambassador of Syria to Pakistan Ramez Alraee said: "These pictures have one message to all the world, all the countries especially to the United States and western countries supporting the Israeli occupation in our lands, today we are here to give the reflection of our support for our people in Palestine."

The exhibition was organized by the Cultural Consulate Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Iran in collaboration with the National Institute of Folk and Traditional Heritage and it will be continued for three days. (21 November 2023)


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