Rome (IP) - Lack of job security has made Italian telecommunications staff concerned, forcing them to stage a demonstration.

Iran PressEurope: On Tuesday evening, a large number of employees of telecommunication companies in Italy staged a rally in Rome to defend their right to work.

Going on a nationwide strike, the protesters emphasized the necessity of solving their problems in the telecommunication sector.

Major Italian telecommunication companies have announced layoffs in 2023.

One of the protestors told an Iran Press correspondence in Rome: "The telecommunication sector is in crisis and currently 20,000  people are at risk of being fired."

The protester, elsewhere, stated that although Italian telephone services companies such as TIM, WIND, and Vodafone are in crisis, but the Italian authorities do not pay attention to the problems.

The telecommunication employee noted that unfortunately there is no investment and planning in the telecommunications sector.

One of these former employees of the telecommunication company told Iran Press that they were fired after 20 years of working in ALMAVIVA, the telephone service company.

The former employee of ALMAVIVA stated that during the covid-19 pandemic, a group of ALMAVIVA employees were working in the Ministry of Health of Italy to help people and the Ministery of Health did not renew their contract after the end of covid pandemic, and AlMAVIVA announced that it no longer needs employees.

Demonstrators asked the Italian government to quickly takcle with the problems of the telecommunication sector.


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