South Africa (IP) - Iran's Navy Squadron No. 86 docked in South Africa's Cape Town Port on Friday, March 31, 2023.

Iran PressAfrica: The Iranian squadron includes Dena and Makran, which arrived at the South African port and were welcomed by the Iranian ambassador to the country Mahdi Aghajafari. 

Aghajafari said in the welcoming ceremony that the presence of the Iranian navy squadron in the Atlantic Ocean and then in South Africa plays a key role in the maintenance of global peace and stability and marine transportation lines. 

The 86 squadron's mission is to patrol distant waters and protect Iran's commercial shipping lines in the seas, which began in early October 2022 and recently docked at the port of Rio de Janeiro in Brazil.

For the first time, the Iranian navy fleet will make a full circle around the globe while passing through the Panama Strait and the waters of America.


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