Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesman has rejected the report of some media outlets about the discovery of alleged Iranian arms bound for Yemen by the French Special Forces.

Iran PressIran news: Nasser Kanaani said on Thursday night that such accusations were politically motivated and meant to mislead the public world opinion.

"Suppliers of arms for aggressors and enablers of the blockade on the oppressed people of Yemen are in no position to accuse others," he added.

He added that those countries which, openly and as part of military deals, help with the aggression against Yemen and are directly involved in the inhumane siege of Yemen, through arms sales and intelligence sharing, such countries are in no position to level accusations against others.

The Foreign Ministry spokesman added that these governments had better end their opportunistic and profiteering approach to the oppressive war as soon as possible instead of misleading the world and dodging their responsibility for this war that has been imposed on the defenseless and oppressed people of Yemen.