Tehran (IP) - Iran's House of Parties hosted a pathology conference on Saturday, Jan. 28, 2022, in Tehran to examine the country's two recent elections.

Iran PressIran News: The conference was held with the proposal of the Election Committee and the approval of the Central Council of the Iranian House of Parties in the presence of Interior Minister Ahmad Vahidi.

During the conference, members of the fundamentalist, independent, and reformist factions delivered speeches.

Keeping Country's security, unity is parties' duty

Iran's Interior Minister delivered a speech, stating that ensuring national interests, unity, and security is part of all political parties' duties in the country.

Ahmad Vahidi said on Saturday: "The House of Parties plays an integral role in creating stability and attracting the political presence; it can be a place for expressing people's demands."

Ahmad Vahidi made the remarks at a Pathology Conference on Saturday, Jan. 28, 2022, in Tehran to examine the country's two recent elections, hosted by Iran's House of Parties.

Vahidi added that parties with different political tendencies in the country have a huge capacity, so they should be able to gather people with appropriate slogans and play a role in the progress of the country.

"The parties must move along with the country's growth and development and prepare the grounds for progress by attracting votes and thoughts," he noted.

Vahidi reiterated that parties have duties and must focus on national interests, unity, security, etc.

House of Parties should help remove elections' tangles

The Chairman of Iran's House of Parties says the entity has maintained a good balance in the country's political participation, compared to many countries, including Western countries, since the victory of the Islamic Revolution.

Speaking at the Election Pathology Conference on Saturday, Manouchehr Mottaki said the balance in the last two elections was not in the desired level with regard to what was expected from the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Mottaki added: "The items mentioned are the reasons why our friends in the House of Parties reached a consensus that holding a meeting to think together on pathology in order to generate vitality, produce a magnificent presence and high participation, could be practical."

He further said that the conference aimed to accompany people in order to realize the Islamic Revolution's ideals, assessing and facilitating the removal of the tangles and damages the elections were suffering from.

Elsewhere in his remarks, he noted: "In the recent developments in the country, the House of Parties declared its stance by condemning the riots and said that riots are always doomed to be condemned, yet the protests must be heard.

Iran's House of Parties hosted a Pathology Conference on Saturday, Jan. 28, 2022, in Tehran to examine the country's two recent elections.


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