Tehran (IP) - The enemies planned to establish a new Middle East through creating small countries and destroy the big powers in the region, but their plot was thwarted failed.

Iran PressIran news: Speaking at a ceremony to commemorate the third martyrdom anniversary of General Soleimani on Monday, the Head of Iran's Supreme National Defense University stated that the Takfiri groups and finally ISIS had taken a big step to implement the plan: "They reached near our borders, and if it were not for the presence of Lt. Gen. Qassem Soleimani, this Western plan would not have been thwarted."

Brigadier General Esmail Ahmadi-Moghaddam pointed out that Martyr Soleimani's art was to organize the capacities existing in the region and took advantage of these capacities by giving them morale.

"If we go back a bit, some people proposed the new Middle East; their plan was an Israeli-cooked one and was supposed to be combined with the ideas of the United States, which was the plan for the Greater Middle East and North Africa," General Ahmadi Moghaddam recalled.

As another speaker in the ceremony, Kamal Kharazi, the ex-FM and the chairman of the Strategic Council of Foreign Relations (SCFR), Martyr Soleimani was one of the important pillars of the Resistance Axis in the region: "If today the Islamic resistance takes a coherent form and stands against the US pressure, it is the result of the efforts of such great men."

Stressing that martyr Soleimani was a man of both diplomacy and battlefield, Kharrazi said that he constantly held meetings with the officials of Lebanon, Iraq, and Syria, which showed that he was a diplomat and could solve issues on his own.

"General Soleimani thwarted the plot of the referendum for the separation of the Iraqi Kurdistan region from Iraq with his own diplomatic move," he said.

The 'Martyr Soleimani Ideology and the New World Order National Conference was held on Jan.2, 2023, with the participation of academic, administrative, and military officials.


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