Khartoum (IP) - The labor unions in Khartoum, the capital city of Sudan, staged anti-government rallies outside the country's Constitution Court.

Iran PressAfrica: In the demonstration held on Monday evening, 23 guilds called on the Sudanese Minister of Justice to dismiss the chief of the labor organization and the judge of the supreme court of the country. 

The protestors accused the military of Sudan of getting involved in preparing the grounds for the return of the former regime's elements to the government's social service institutions.

They also called for the independence of the country's judiciary system and its non-politicization.

Al-Tayyeb Mustafa, a member of the Sudanese banking syndicate, told Iran Press New Agency that the gathering was held in protest of the decision of the supreme court to reinstall the elements of the former regime in the governmental entities. 

Ali al-Duwaihi, a member of the transport labor union, told Iran Press: "We have three demands; first, no intervention in the syndicates' affairs; second, the adoption of 1987 law that allowed freedom of action for the syndicates; and third, the resignation of the supreme court judge. 

Adel Ahmad Ismail, a member of medical laboratories, said the rally was staged to uncover the government's lies and its attempts to destroy the Sudanese unions.

"It is the revolution of people, and we pursue the revolution's goal peacefully," he told Iran Press. 


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