Khartoum(IP)- The Nile Blue State Students' Association in universities and institutes of higher education in Khartoum, the capital of Sudan, called for an end to the conflicts there and trial of the perpetrators .

Iran PressAfrica: In the past few days, the Blue Nile State of southern Sudan witnessed a conflict between tribal groups, which left about 200 dead and displaced about 180,000 people.

The Blue Nile State is one of the eighteen states of the Republic of the Sudan.

The sit-in was held under the title "We will build our homeland with cohesion and unity" and Sudanese students emphasized the trial of the perpetrators of the conflict and killing people in the Blue Nile State.

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In an interview with Iranpress correspondent in Khartoum, a student named "Al-Taib Hajv" said, "We want international organizations to organize the humanitarian situation in the Blue Nile State after the start of tribal conflicts that left hundreds dead and wounded."

Another student named "Al-Sadeq Ali" said, "We want to stop the war and move towards the implementation of the rule of law with accountability of the perpetrators of the war in the Blue Nile region." Abdullah Tanjo, another Sudanese student, told the Iran Press reporter that the coup government in Sudan should be held accountable. undertake to stop the war in the Blue Nile State.

The student added that the war started in Khartoum, because the government resulting from the military coup failed to stop the conflicts of the Sudanese tribes in the Blue Nile State.


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